We Are Photographers

I was recently interviewed by Kenna Klosterman for the creativeLIVE podcast, We Are Photographers. If you’ve been wondering what’s been happening over the past year, this is a good place to catch up.

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Mark Wallace is a photographer, educator, and solo world traveler. In 2014, Mark left the U.S. to embark on a worldwide adventure. In 2016 he decided to give up planes, trains, and automobiles and is now exploring the world on his motorcycle. Mark has created hundreds of photography tutorials sponsored by Snapfactory and Adorama. His most popular series are Digital Photography One on One and Exploring Photography, in addition to his best-selling lighting classes on CreativeLive.

In this episode, we talk about what he’s learned about human connection from five years of nonstop travel to all seven continents and how his approach to storytelling and photography have changed along the way. We discuss why he intentionally sets out to have conversations with people he doesn’t agree with and the silver lining of his motorcycle being stolen. He describes how he recovered from the downward spiral of hallucinations and depression from side effects of anti-malarial medication and the gift of being told he only had three weeks to live. You’ll be surprised by his advice to the hundreds of people who tell him it’s a goal to travel around the world on a motorcycle.

This is We Are Photographers with Mark Wallace, and this is his story.

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