How to Handle Getting Sidetracked on An Adventure

I was invited to be a guest on the new ADVMoto Pod podcast hosted by Nathan Slabaugh.

Ever have a breakdown on the side of a road? Have you been stuck in a far off land due to the weather, medical issues, a new romance? Whatever the case may be, these sorts of interruptions are a regular occurrence in the adventure world.

In this packed episode, the theme is “Getting Sidetracked.” I talk about my six years of traveling around the world, and a few times I’ve been sidetracked. We also talk about how I’m holding up in locked-down Argentina.

Nathan also talks to Jocelin Snow and learns how she came back from what should have been a career-ending event. So, go treat yourself to a beverage and give it a watch/listen!

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In the podcast we discussed me turning around in Mongolia and my muddy adventure in Tanzania. I am waiting for my new laptop to arrive in Argentina so I can post more videos from Europe and Russia, but I do have a short clip from Mongolia to show you now. I’ve also added the entire video of my the Tanzania adventure here.

Turning around in Mongolia

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