Riding Through Patagonia 2020

After a few months, my new laptop and editing gear finally arrived! The first episode in a new series is finally on YouTube and more are on the way.

I’ve added a few bonus photos at the end of this post for you to enjoy!

In the first episode of STORIES I share my Patagonia riding adventure that took place in February 2020. This was the last ride I had before the world changed and I was locked down in Buenos Aires.

I rode from Cartagena, Colombia all the way to Ushuaia, Argentina. This story begins when I meet Ayleen Martinez and we explore the Carretera Austral.

Live Q&A with Mark and Ayleen

After the video premiered on YouTube we went live and answered questions from viewers. We recorded the session so anyone who missed the live show can still enjoy it.

Bonus Photos

The “exploding beers” that Ayleen forgot in the freezer.
This was the RV that was destroyed by the wind. We had to wait for the police to finish the clean up of this wreck before we could rescue Ayleen. Miraculously, nobody was hurt in this crash.
A few of the cars that were destroyed by the wind. Cars, trucks, vans… the wind does not discriminate here.
Flor De Murta – where we had an amazing meal.
We both agreed that this was our favorite meal of the trip. Steak, soup, potatoes, beer, and salad in Puerto Murta.

We had this meal at a little restaurant called Flor De Murta. They have a website with more info. Click here to visit their site.

On my way back from Ushuaia I met some Harley Davidson riders from Brazil. They sent me this video. They caught me boarding the ferry that crosses the Straits of Magellan.

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