Flying from Argentina to Colombia. I’m almost Free.

Colombian countryside
Updated: November 13, 2020

If all goes as planned, I’ll be back in Colombia in just a few weeks. Of course, during these unpredictable days, anything can change at a moment’s notice.

I’ve been locked down in Argentina since March 20, 2020. We are still in quarantine here in Buenos Aires. For those of you who are counting, that’s just over seven months.

The government has been slowly phasing in different businesses since June. Last week they finally reopened the airports for limited service. All of that adds up to good news for me – I’m finally able to leave Argentina with my motorcycle.

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Bike Arrived, but Dude, Where’s My Card?

This morning Bike arrived at the cargo terminal at Cape Town International Airport. I took a cab to the airport, eager to be reunited with my trusty steed. When I arrived I was greeted very warmly, it seems that the workers at the cargo terminal don’t see a big bike roll off a plane every day. I was told that I’d first need to clear everything with customs and then I could see Bike.

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Relax, Bike Is Almost Here

Yesterday I told you that Bike had been misplaced and I wasn’t sure when Bike would arrive in Africa. Some people misinterpreted my post and thought I was stressed out, angry, or worried. The truth is, I was none of those things. After I learned that Bike was missing I sent some emails, made a few phone calls, and then took a nice long nap. Then I decided to relax and enjoy the warm weather of Cape Town. As it turns out, Bike was never really missing.

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Bike Is Missing In Action!

Bike, My Trusty Sidekick, Is Missing

I think it would be putting it mildly when I say I was surprised to discover that Bike was not waiting for me at the cargo terminal as promised. Let me refresh your memory. When we last saw Bike I was saying goodbye at the cargo terminal in Buenos Aires. I was told by the Navicon representatives that everything was set and I’d see Bike again when I landed in South Africa. But now, it appears that Bike is missing.

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