Step 1: CPD Carnet

You’ll need a Carnet to enter Africa. If you are in the USA there is only one place to get it: Boomerang Carnet. But you’ll need the CPD Carnet.

Step 2: Visas

Make sure you have a visa for each country you are planning to visit.

Step 3: Shipping The Bike

I used DakarMotos in Buenos Aires to take care of all the shipping, crating, paperwork, and cargo headaches. They are a one stop shop and will do all the work for you. Prices for their services vary depending on the size of the bike, destination, etc. Contact them for a quote.

When I shipped from Buenos Aires I wasn’t aware of James Cargo, my shipper of choice. You may want to check with them and compare prices with DakarMotos. They would probably contract DakarMotos to do the work, but they would also be able to make sure things to smoothly on the other side and avoid some of the uneasiness I experienced.

Leaving Africa

When looking for a shipper to fly my bike from Nairobi to London, I discovered James Cargo. Check out the info I wrote about them, it will save you a lot of time and money. Trust me, call James Cargo first.

Read all about James Cargo by clicking here.

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