NOTE: This page is under construction, I’m posting information here as I learn.

Step 1: CPD Carnet

You’ll need a Carnet to enter Africa. If you are in the USA there is only one place to get it: Boomerang Carnet. But you’ll need the CPD Carnet.

Step 2: Visas

Make sure you have a visa for each country you are planning to visit.

Step 3: Shipping The Bike

I’m still researching this, but here are some things I’ve found.

  • South African Airlines Cargo
  • African Overlanders
  • I’m currently working with DakarMotos in Buenos Aires to take care of all the shipping, crating, paperwork, and cargo headaches. They are a one stop shop and will do all the work for you. Prices for their services vary depending on the size of the bike, destination, etc. Contact them for a quote.