Frequently Asked Questions

Have you seen Long Way Round?

Yes, It’s amazing. I’ve seen it about a million times now and I could watch it again tomorrow. I’ve also seen Long Way Down, and Road to Dakar. All exceptional.

Can I ride along with you?

That depends on a lot of factors. My schedule is very fluid and it’s hard for me to predict where I’ll be at specific times. But if you are flexible then the answer in most cases is YES! But please don’t just show up, send me an email and let’s make arrangements to ride together on part of the journey.

Are you done making photography videos?

Nope! I still make videos for AdoramaTV each week. I’ll also be uploading new videos about the journey to my YouTube channel.

Can I interview you?

Absolutely. I love doing interviews and am happy to arrange a time via Skype, or meet in person, to answer your questions. Many people think that e-mailing me a list of questions for me to answer and send back is an interview. Sorry folks, that’s asking me to write an article about myself – I don’t do that. I’m more than happy to answer questions so you can write the article( or edit the video) and create the content.

Would you speak to my photography club, class, school…

I’d love to! Unfortunately I’m traveling and the logistics of speaking engagements are sometimes hard to handle. Here are the basic guidelines for me to speak at your event or organization:

  • Send me an e-mail well in advance for the best chance of us working out logistical issues.
  • If at all possible events should be free to the public. If you need to charge to cover costs, I understand.
  • If you’d like me to teach a photography workshop we can discuss a financial arrangement that makes sense. I do not teach workshops for free, it’s how I make my living. Thank you for understanding.
  • If there are costs involved they must be covered by you. In most instances I don’t charge to speak at events or to groups, and I’m certain you understand that I shouldn’t pay to be your guest either.
  • I wish I spoke other languages, but I don’t. I can only speak to your group in English.

What’s your favorite place?

I’ve had great experiences in every place I’ve visited. I’ve had bad experiences in most places I’ve visited. To choose just one place is impossible. I don’t have a single favorite place. I’ve been fortunate to make good friends in cities and towns¬†all over the world. To me the people matter more than the places.

No really, what’s your favorite place?

Ok, if I must choose, Australia and Ecuador hold a special place in my heart. I had such fantastic experiences in both places, I really love them both. I love Paris, what a city! The tea fields of Darjeeling can restore a wounded soul.¬†Buenos Aires and Patagonia are places I could visit over and over. Frankfurt! What fun I had in Frankfurt. And the coast of Ireland is just breathtaking. Have you seen the shops in Bangok…? You see, there isn’t just one place. Really.