Quarantined In Argentina

A Long and Incomplete Update

This is a long article about my time in Argentina. But as long as this update is, it’s still incomplete. There are things that I’m working through and questions that remain unanswered.

What is the plan? What’s next? Why are you staying in South America?

These are all questions that I touch on in this update, but I’ll have to revisit them in the coming weeks after the situation in South America becomes a bit more clear.

What have you been doing during the quarantine?

I’ve tried to hit the most critical things in this update, but there are a lot of smaller items that are still missing. The best way to keep up on the day to day updates is to follow me on Instagram, where I post a lot of little things on my stories.

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2019 USA Route and Dates

After traveling abroad for five years, I’m finally back in the United States. I’m happy to announce that I’ll be riding through the Western States with my good friend, Alicia Sornosa. We’ll be visiting most of the National Parks, many state parks, and all the nooks and crannies in between. Here is our 2019 route and dates – and an invitation for you to join us along the way.

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