It’s a Brave New World

I’m starting a new journey and a new blog. After traveling the world for two years by plane, bus, train, and car I’ve decided to change things up a bit. I’ve decided to buy a new bike and see six continents by motorcycle. This blog will be the record of my journey. Stay tuned as I update the blog, tell my stories, and visit the world.

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  1. I loved following you around the world the first time on AdaramaTV, can’t wait to follow you around the world a second time on your new bike.

    Safe travels.

    – Matt

  2. Good luck. Look forward to reading about the journey. Just saw your live feed on Adorama. I know lots of photographers that ride so don’t forget us either. I’ve got 60k+ miles on a R1200GSA and you’ve picked a good bike for the trip.

  3. I wish you all the luck and pleasure in the world Mark.
    To be honest…I miss you as a photographer and as a teacher
    of your awesome tutorials. Hopefully we will see soon more of your new adventure on your beautyfull bike and your awesome photographylessons.

  4. I watch your lastest adorama live youtube video and see you are coming to western australian on your bike trip. Are you touring the southwest area ie busselton to augusta area, if so it would be nice to catchup with you. Ps when do you think you will be in western australia.

    1. Yes, the plan is to travel the western part of the country. I won’t be there for a while, I need to explore Africa first.

      1. Love your travels, and your teaching. Stay safe, especially solo. I hope you’ll have a sat phone in the saddle bags.

  5. Way to go Mark. Good luck on your new adventure and bon voyage ! I have always followed your work and have learnt everything I know about photography from your tutorials on Adorama TV. Keep up the good work and let the pics from your travels keep coming.

  6. I guess you have seen the program Long Way Round with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman, where they went round the world on a pair of BMW bikes.

    1. Absolutely. I think I’ve seen it a million times now. I’ve even made all of my friends and family watch them. 🙂

  7. Now that you’re all geared up and preparing to continue your adventure I guess I should also prepare to live vicariously through you once again! Safe journey and Godspeed my friend!

  8. You’ve helped the people of Nepal during the earthquake through your videos and photos. I wish you all the best Mark. Hope you have a good one !

  9. Mark, good luck and safe travels. Keep the BMW upright as much as possible. Thanks for all the help you’ve given in photography and other areas.

  10. I have been following your ride and its great…I think I have to be in Peru *smile* when are you coning to Africa? am a photographer and a motorcycle rider from Nigeria and I have been planning ride for 2years now… its a lot of money I must say, am doing a ride round Africa clockwise from Nigeria, would be nice to catch up with you along the road tho…

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