Catching Up With Friends in Cartagena

Just over a year ago I spent a few weeks in Cartagena and loved it. I’d made some great friends, Oscar and Daniella, and they invited me to come back and stay for a while on this trip. When I was in the US I’d talked to a few friends about the possibility of joining up for a few stops along the way. My friend Keith thought Cartagena sounded pretty good and he decided to fly down.


We spent most of our time relaxing and exploring The Walled City. It’s full of color and texture and is a photographer’s dream city. Oscar and Daniella took us to some of their favorite restaurants, who knew you could find such good German food in Colombia? And although we thought the German beer was good, Daniella is still convinced that Colombian beer is better. We’ll agree to disagree.

During the week I also ran into a few of my friends from the Wild Card. I was super happy to run into Flor, our singing cook. Keith and I were out exploring one night and we saw her in one of the city squares. She ended up taking Keith and I out for a night of fun in Cartagena. She knew some great little spots and even took us to a night club (not usually my thing), but we had a blast!

A surprise meeting with Flor!
A surprise meeting with Flor! Photo Credit: Keith Kessler

One of the highlights was visiting Oscar and Daniella’s soon-to-be home. They’ve name it “Raices” – which means roots. They are putting their roots down in their new home, on their new land, and growing their lives together. How cool is that? The entire complex was designed by them and they are involved in every step of the construction. I can’t wait to return and see the finished product.

A week with friends was exactly what I needed after the difficult journey from Mexico to Colombia. Gracias amigos!

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