Around The Wheel with Bret Tkacs

I was honored to be a guest on an episode of Bret Tkacs’ podcast, Around The Wheel. This episode focuses on the critical skills needed for international travel on a motorcycle.

Here are a few excerpts from that conversation with some videos of my travels mixed into the conversation. I hope you enjoy it.

Click here to listen to the full episode

About Bret Tkacs

Bret Tkacs is an expert motorcycle rider and trainer based in Puyallup, Washington (USA).  Bret’s primary focus is reducing the number of motorcycle-related deaths through many different venues.

Bret has written Washington’s newest basic motorcycle licensing curriculum, becoming one of few states that offer more than one program.  He provides unique online instruction through the popular YouTube channel MotoTrek, and has traveled extensively around the world, teaching classes and giving engaging lectures that go above and beyond common assumptions of how motorcycles and their riders operate.

He has amassed extensive, detailed knowledge through decades of teaching on-road and off-road riders how to stay safe and successfully avoid accidents, all while avoiding the word “safety”.

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