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If you’d like to binge-watch the Mark On A Bike video series, this is the place. Click the play button and the videos will automatically play in order (oldest to newest). If you’d like to skip ahead click the icon in the upper lefthand corner of the video player and select the video you’d like to see.

Check back often – new videos are added every few days. Enjoy!


  1. Having traveled in places where things were a bit primitive, it makes me nervous every time you get to one of those border crossings. I’m happy to see that so far, you’re remaining safe. Take care! And of course, thanks for sharing all your experiences.

  2. I lived in Mexico for at least 17 years. I was amazed to have Mexican friends who were extremely intelligent.I hope to return in August. I am a friend of Robert Ramsay. Que hacen las vacas cuando ellos no tienen trabajo?

  3. Mark,

    Nice to see a couple of new videos up today. Looking forward to you coming to Australia, we should take a ride while you are here. I ride K1600GT, and promise not to make you eat Vegimite like Matt did 😉

  4. Hi ! Mark,
    On your way through western Europe, if you need a to make a stop in Belgium, near Namur, just drop me a line. I’m leaving close to motorways from Paris (France) to Köln (Germany) and from Luxembourg to Brussels.

  5. My wife and I watched with interest. We are avid motorcyclists plus have sailed our boat Serendipity to the San Blas Islands and through the Canal.

    The videos are well done and fascinating. Be safe Mark!!

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