I’m Alive in Buenos Aires

I’m currently sitting in a small cafe in Buenos Aires writing this post. I rode from Lima to Cusco, stayed in Cusco for a couple of weeks, and then made the rest of the ride across the Andes and down to Buenos Aires.

I know a lot of you are wondering how I got here, what’s been happening, and why the blog has been dormant for so long. I have no answer that will fully satisfy your curiosity, but I’ll do my best to bring you up to speed.

When I arrived in Lima I was feeling just a bit tired and thought I might be getting a cold. As the days progressed I got worse and worse. The weather was cool and wet in Lima and at first I thought I was just feeling lethargic due to the weather. But as the days went by my coughing got worse and I knew I was getting sick.

Eventually I left Lima and headed for Cusco. When I arrived I was feeling worse and ended up staying in bed for almost a week. I’d planned on staying in Cusco for a few days, but my sickness just hung on and I ended up staying for much longer. Eventually I decided it was time to leave and I headed over the mountains to Chile and then back over the Andes into Argentina.

When I arrived in Salta I was getting better but I hadn’t fully recovered, but by this time I’d been sick for so long I had fallen behind with my filming of AdoramaTV episodes, and some articles I was hired to write for other publications. I needed to focus on that work because I had deadlines to had to be met.

I’ve also been consumed with planning for the more difficult segments of the journey; Africa, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Asia. There are endless papers to file, permits to obtain, and visas applications to complete.

There a other reasons that have kept me away from the blog, but those reasons are personal and not for public consumption. I’ll just ask you to take my incomplete explanation as is and understand that I’ve been focused on other things recently.

New Updates On The Way

Now that I’ve given you my best explanation about my blog delay, I will work hard to catch up and post about some of my Andes adventures.

I’m just days away from flying myself and the bike to South Africa. I’ve spent the past six weeks navigating a legal and bureaucratic labyrinth. I’m still deep in the muck of getting all of the final papers signed, money transferred, and running last minute tasks. It’s been a difficult month, but now that almost everything is finished I’m focusing on catching up on the vlog and the blog.

I have a 36 hour flight (with layovers) to South Africa. Lots of time to write a few posts and get things caught up.

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